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WeCanTakeYouThere is a customizable portal from where you can create stunning, professional Virtual Tours combining panoramas, pictures, video, audio, floorplans and objects in 3D. Your tours will be uploaded and placed on a map instantly. Once the tour has been created, you can easily embed it into any website in seconds. It works just like YouTube. Create and share instantly.

You can also have your own version of the WeCanTakeYouThere portal and customize it to your liking. Forget about coding and hassles with servers and databases. WeCanTakeYouThere takes care of it all for you. Feel free to use for either personal or commercial use.

Your portal and the content uploaded on it can be viewed from any computer and several mobile devices, making it a very powerful marketing tool.

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Virtual Tour
Virtual Tours are a useful and innovative tool used to show locations and objects in 360 degrees through the Internet. Among many other things, they are ideal for the real estate market, tourism, and as a marketing tool to sell items online. All you need is a camera! They let everyone see what your eyes are seeing, regardless of how far away they are. It is now also possible to create tours right from your IPhone and have them online in minutes!



Objects in 360


If you like the idea of creating your own portal on WecCanTakeYouThere, you'll be ecstatic to hear that you can personalize and tailor your portal to fit your individual or company needs. You can use it to develop your business or to create a social community online.
Regardless of your professional background or computer know-how, WeCanTakeYouThere is the portal for you. You can customize the colors, the branding, completely transform your portal to reflect your desired image or purpose.
You can have a private portal or allow others in your social network to post their tours on your portal, making them available from both your browser or your mobile phone.
You can now use WeCanTakeYouThere from your Phone to enjoy panoramic views from all around the world, explore historical buildings or monuments, take a peek into the home of your dreams or scope out items being sold on Ebay.

You can also be kept updated of the status of your social network from no matter where you are!






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